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March 4, 2012
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Alicorn OCs can be original by PokuMii Alicorn OCs can be original by PokuMii

This stamp was inspired by a confession on a Tumblr blog called PonyConfessions. Sorry if this Stamp seems lacking in.... reasons! xD

Edit: [link] Over-analyzation much? :lol: Seems like this kid takes Alicorns to a whole new level. Serious fucking business, mang.

I notice many Alicorn OCs tend to get hate. Not only that, people call them Mary Sues. I ask you, should Alicorn OCs get this hate? What makes them Mary Sues, is it because they're a Alicorn which makes them have the Mary Sue tag on them? I don't see what's so bad about it, it's just a character someone made to their liking.

"B-But only Princess Celestia and Princess Luna should be Alicorns and nobody else, it's the rule!"

HOLD UP!! First of all, there's NO RULE to making a My Little Pony OC! There's no rule to making a pony OC. Your pony can be a Alicorn with a biography, no one is stopping you. However, some people tend to throw out the word Mary Sue. My definition of Mary Sue is a bit rusty but a Mary Sue is basically a perfect character with no flaws in them. Again, my definition of it is a bit rusty but i wouldn't mind someone linking me a site that explains it well enough for those who don't know it very well! ^^;

Definition of Mary Sue (Thanks for the link =Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS) - [link]

There are good-looking Alicorn OCs out there and none don't have Mary Sue traits. For those that think only Princess Celestia and Luna should be the only one and Alicorn OCs aren't allowed, then you're an idiot. :| Anyone can make a OC out of anything and nobody's complaining at all. If you think that's how it should be, then you really haven't been in many fandoms to know that ANYONE can make a OC of whatever they want as long as they're not perfect and have flaws in them.

Let your imagination go wild, i always say. Be creative with your Alicorns and try not to make them perfect! :iconheartemote:
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